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Loan and Credit Bank offers many interesting cash loan offers. Many of them occupy top positions in the rankings of the most profitable loans. Let’s check two offers of this bank and see on what conditions each of them works.

Let’s start the adventure with loan offers at Loan and Credit Bank with a loan on your account statement. What is hidden under this rather interesting name?

An account statement credit

An account statement credit

Is available to those customers who can show that their savings and checking account is regularly receiving money. As part of this offer, the maximum amount we can borrow is one hundred thousand zlotys, spread over ninety-six months.

The nominal interest rate on the account statement loan ranges from 7.9% to 9.9%, while the commission reaches a maximum of 8.9%. The biggest advantage of this offer is that we can take a loan based on the bank statement provided by us.

This option will especially help to take credit for people who work on a mandate contract or a specific task contract. However, there is no possibility to postpone loan repayment or take advantage of credit holidays. there is no need to insure the loan, but if we want the bank gives such a possibility. With a loan of one thousand zlotys, divided into twelve equal installments, the bank will propose us an APRC at 8.19%.

Thus, the loan will cost us less than PLN 44

Thus, the loan will cost us less than PLN 44.

The advantages of this offer include, above all, the possibility of reducing the commission, no preparation fees, flexible repayment period, as well as the possibility of receiving a loan based on a personal account statement.

There are advantages to a loan, but there are also disadvantages. These include: high nominal interest rate, high maximum commission charged by the bank and low highest debt amount.

Another interesting offer of Loan and Credit Bank is a PIT loan with a bonus of PLN 10 for every PLN 1,000 we borrow. In the case of this offer, we can count on interest from 7.90% to 9.90% per annum and a commission of up to 8.99% of the amount borrowed.

The principle of the loan is one

The principle of the loan is one

The more we borrow from the bank, the more bonuses the bank will grant us. For every 1000 zlotys we will receive a bonus of 10 zlotys. The maximum loan amount that we can borrow is PLN 150,000, for a loan period of up to 96 months.

To take the loan, we need PIT 11, PIT 40 or PIT 40A. The advantage of credit is the minimum of formalities that need to be arranged, so that the answer can be even in a few minutes.

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